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People try to avoid water getting in their basement during heavy rains. The water in the basement can lead to unexpected, huge plumbing costs for residential and commercial property owners. Unfortunately, a large number of homeowners in Barrie don’t take to cognizance the havoc water can wreak until they experience it.

One of the best ways by which you can prevent rainwater from flooding your basement is by a sump pump. A sump pump installation in Barrie will ensure rainwater is diverted away from your home – where it is unable to do any damage. Our residential plumber could install a sump pump and any other electrical appliances for homeowners in Barrie. We offer affordable plumbing solutions for all our clients, our customer reviews are outstanding, and we offer a lifetime transferrable warranty on most of our plumbing projects. 

The Choices And Benefits Of Installing A Sump Pump

The choices of the installation of the sump pump are a factor of homes where the accumulation of moisture and water could pose a serious threat. For instance, properties that are built adjacent to the base of a slope or homes built in areas prone to heavy rainfall. 

Sump Pump Service

Sump pump service essentially includes sump installation & replacement and sump pump repair. As the sump pump operation requires a sump pit, which is a hole in the foundation of the basement, proper care should be taken into consideration while positioning the sump pump basin. 

However, there is 24/7 emergency plumbing assistance that can be provided to you at Barrie Ontario by our professional plumbing expert. Some of the sump pump-related services are sump pump repair, annual sump pump inspection, and sump pump maintenance. 

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Battery backup pumps work to supplement primary pumps (submersible sump pump and pedestal pump) by providing you with long hours of additional protection from water damage in the event of your primary pump failure due to power outages, mechanical failure, or excessive use.

Sewage Pumps

Sewage pumps are one of those types of sump pumps that move solid waste into a sewage or septic system. However, sewage ejector pumps are mounted into basins in septic systems, thereby pumping any collected debris up to the main sewer line. 

Combination Sump Pumps

A combination sump pump combines a primary pump with a battery-operated backup pump in one system. Similar to backup sump pumps, if the primary sump pump malfunctions or there is a power failure, the backup sump pump will automatically be activated.

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