Drain Camera Inspection

What is Drain Camera Inspection?

A drain camera inspection is a video inspection process that involves inserting a camera in your drain to figure out what is going on in your pipes. 

You need a drain inspection to help prevent drains issues that may arise and become problematic. Don’t wait till you have a clogged drain before you reach out to a licensed plumber for help. Let’s help you prevent a bigger drain issue through our drain camera inspection.

How to prevent main drain problems

The best way to treat drain problems is to prevent them from the beginning. How to prevent drain problems? Here’s how you can get clog-free drains:

Keep hair away from them: Hair is one of the major causes of drain problems, so ensure that you try to prevent hair from getting into it as much as possible. You can install guards that catch hair and clean them out regularly.

Don’t wash down soap in your drain: No matter how little, ensure that you don’t flush down soap because it may build up and clog your drain. 

Prevent small objects from entering: You shouldn’t allow any object in your drains, no matter how little. The only things that should go down your drains are water, human waste, and toilet paper.

Tree roots: Tree roots can get in your underground pipes and clog your drains, even via the smallest cracks. So, ensure you watch out for cracks and fix them as soon as possible.

Signs your pipe may be compromised

Compromised pipes can be problematic and need a quick fix with drain camera inspection Barrie. In case you’re unsure whether your sewer pipe is compromised, you can watch out for these signs:

Unpleasant odor

An unpleasant odor in your toilet is a sign that your pipes have been compromised. Don’t wait till the odor becomes unbearable before hiring a professional drain cleaning service for a fix. 

Increased water bill

You can tell that your pipes need fixing when you notice an unexpected increase in the water bill.

Low water pressure

When you notice mow water pressure, you’d better check your pipes. If water drizzles from the tap or the washer take too long to fill, or your shower’s water pressure is weak, take a look at your pipes.

Water puddles

If you notice water puddles on the floor, there’s a high chance your pipes are compromised.

Discolored water

You should watch out for a change in watercolor in your home. It’s a sign that you have broken pipes and you’re vulnerable to contaminated water.

Mould and mildew

Mould and mildew appear in places where there is too much moisture. You should resolve your pipe problems before the molds and mildew become a bigger problem.

Clanking, hissing, or bubbling sound

If you hear clanking, hissing, or bubbling sound, that means that there’s a possible broken water line, water line leak, or busted water pipe, or loose pipes.

Sewer Camera Inspection

You can get started with resolving sewer issues with a drain/sewer line camera inspection. We have the right equipment for video drain inspection to know where the problem is. After that, we then resolve the problems you’re facing.

Pipe Camera Inspection

Take care of pipe problems with a pipe camera inspection. We inspect your pipe with a pipe camera, detect pipe issues, and fix them.

Let drain repair professionals handle your drain pipe repair. We are your go-to drain sewer camera inspection in Barrie. Our licensed plumbers have top-notch drain camera products, including high-tech drain cameras for all drain repair services. We have helped many; residential and commercial clients in Barrie Ontario, let us take care of you!

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