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Sink Repair

The common problem of household appliances that often times requires plumbing repairs are sinks. Problems could be as a result of broken sink drain or faulty sink faucet causing constant sink drip and if you have broken sump pumps, it can lead to basement flooding in your basement washroom. Luckily, our Reliance ™ plumbing experts are well able to perform all sorts of plumbing functions no matter how challenging they may seem. We have just the best plumbing solutions to any kind of plumbing repair.

Sink Drain Unclogging

It is a known fact that at least once in your life time, your sink will clog be it the kitchen sink, bathroom, laundry or toilet sink. Clogged sink is mostly due to clogged drains and if not addressed can be cumbersome when trying

New Sink Installation

Major household plumbing fixtures that contributes to keeping one’s environment clean and healthy are sinks. Home owners love the concept of having an ideal kitchen, bathroom and toilet and the prime focus is usually the sinks. It can be quite taxing to get that ideal sink installed because during the selection process with variety of options, there’s every reason to be overwhelmed to find just that perfect sink for your home. Fortunately, Barrie’s plumbing services got you covered. Not only do we help you select a quality sink from our wide range of luxurious jet options, we also install different types of sink whether ceramic sink,  porcelain sink, or stainless steel sink, depending on the type you want for your home. Our aim is to give you a stressed-free experience.

Kitchen Sink Installation

The kitchen sink is the major workstation because the major percentage of time spent in the kitchen is spent at the sink. It is one investment that caters to your needs and it is also the major part of attraction when looking at the perfect kitchen decor.

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I am very pleased with the work you did in my bathroom. The new shower is wonderful, and I've had zero problems with it! Thank you again for your speedy service.

- Barbara Dunkan

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