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As a homeowner in the city of Barrie, you have to install a backwater valve if the manhole is higher than the basement fixture, and you may also be required to maintain insurance coverage. Apart from the legalities, it prevents you from experiencing the unpleasantness of a sewage backup. The pollution and health risks resulting from a sewer backflow into your home can be prevented by having our commercial and residential plumbing service install a backwater valve or sewer backup valve on your property. It’s much cheaper to install a backwater valve than it is to deal with a basement filled with sewage water.

What is a Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve is a device used to prevent wastewater from flowing back from the sewer line or clogged basement floor drain into your home. In other words, it is a one-way valve that ensures sewage flows in one direction, which is out of your home into the public sewer. With a backwater valve installed, sewer water only flows away from your home, thus preventing a backflow which is why it is called a backflow preventer or backflow prevention valve.

In its simplest form, a backwater valve uses a flap that can only be opened by the outward flow of your sewage water but is shut by the backflow of sewage from the public sewer or clogged drain breaking off the flow of sewage back to your property. 

The sewage water that would otherwise have flowed backward through the pipes caused damage to your walls, floors, fixtures, and basement, leading to costly repairs and even structural problems. A backwater valve stops all these issues before they occur, so you don’t have to spend much money on repairs.

What is Backflow?

This is a term used to describe reversal in the flow of water in pipes which causes pollution due to the contamination of water supply that can occur as a result. For this reason, building regulations mandate backflow prevention valve installation. Backflow typically occurs as a result of backpressure or back-siphonage.

In the case of backpressure, there is a higher pressure going in the opposite direction of the flow, forcing it to flow back in the opposite direction. This can be due to flooding around your home, which causes pressure to build up in your sewer line leading to sewage backflow through your drain pipes into your home. A sump pump is meant to protect from stormwater flooding on your property, leading to backflow or sewage backup and not from a backed-up sewage system.

In other words, a sump pump does not in any way invalidate the installation of a backflow valve. Although a sump pump can prevent backflow that results from flooding around your home, it is not a preventive measure for sewer backups, and any usage for such is an illegal connection.

On the other hand, back-siphonage occurs as a result of negative pressure, which creates a suction that draws back the water, making it flow in the opposite direction.

How Is a Backwater Valve Installed?

You will need to obtain a permit from the city to install a backwater valve. Also, only a licensed plumbing contractor like us is allowed to install a backwater valve. Before installation, we will perform an in-depth survey of your residential or commercial property to determine if you need more than one backwater valve and the best position for it to be.

In addition, our team will also perform a thorough inspection of your plumbing system, including drains, toilets, sinks, faucets, etc. We’ll make sure everything is working properly so that no leaks are present. Once completed, we’ll provide you with detailed instructions regarding operating the new backwater valve once it has been installed.

We recommend installing a backwater valve at least every 10 years, depending on the age of your home and the amount of use it gets.

Why Hire Our Team of Professional Plumbers?

We are in the qualified plumber’s registry to render backwater valve installation service in Barrie. Our expert plumbers adhere to every city regulation and building code. Our dedicated plumbers also install the appropriate backwater valves that suit your home the best possible protection and provide the best affordable backwater valve installation service in Barrier. Call our office now to get excellent customer service from the best-licensed plumber in Barrie. 


If you are eligible, you can apply directly to the city or town where your home is located. For example, Barrie offers a rebate of up to $1,250 for the installation of a backwater valve. You can contact your local city or town and ask about any rebates for plumbing installations of backwater valves available.

Yes, if you live in an area where your home's sewer system is connected to the city's sewage lines and the city provides water as well as treatment for this water, you need a backwater valve installation. This will ensure that any sewage coming up through your pipes will be redirected into the sewage line instead of flooding your home.

To qualify for plumbing rebates, your property must be connected to the sewage system of a city or town. To determine this for sure you will need to contact your local building code authorities. At the same time, you will need to check if a backwater valve installation rebate is available and apply for it.

Your backwater is located in your basement. You can access a cleanout, which might be built into your backwater valve, or, if not, a standing structure from which you can access the valve. You can manually flush the valve to wash dirt, or if it is grease or a sticky substance, you might want to scrub it out. This should be done every 3 months or before any predicted heavy rainfall.

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