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Frozen Pipe Repair Services

If your pipes are frozen and you are facing an emergency plumbing situation, don’t hesitate to call our office. We confidently guarantee that the workmanship of our repair or installation services will be of the highest standard. Our commercial plumbing team provides 24-hour emergency service in Barrie and the surrounding area. Our emergency plumber will perform any plumbing job, from professional drain cleaning service to sump pump installation and more.

Why Choose Us?

We are reputed to offer excellent customer service, such that if you have a problem with any of our services, we will come back to resolve the issue to the best of your satisfaction.

We always use premium hardware and parts for any repair or equipment installation that needs to be done. We hold your trust in us with a high value of reliability, knowing that we only invest in the appropriate parts specifically for your job.

Our plumbing team maintains ‘Best Safety Practice’ on the job, giving your family the desired satisfaction and peace of mind. Our experienced team carries out several safety checks with specialized equipment by the latest regulations.

Above all, we take much pride in knowing that we have a standing list of completely satisfied customers behind us and that every job is done the right way. 

Which Pipes Are In Danger Of Freezing?

The most common types of pipes that are susceptible to freezing are bituminous fiber pipes, polyethylene pipes, and black pipes. But pipes that freeze more frequently are water pipes in unheated (cold) interior areas, like kitchen cabinets, attics, crawl spaces, or basements. Water pipes exposed to the severe cold are also in the risk factor group, like water sprinkler lines, swimming pool supply lines, and outdoor hose bib. Lastly, pipes run against exterior walls with little or no insulation.

What Happens To The Pipe When It Freezes?

When the water in a pipe freezes, it expands and puts enormous pressure on metal and plastic pipes. If the pipe breaking, it can easily release a torrent of water into the home.

The water flows obeying the law of gravity, which is the gradual flow of water towards the lowest part of the building, usually the basement or crawlspace.

Additional Services

  • Toilet repairs
  • Pipe repairs
  • Water pipe freeze protection
  • Flood damage clean
  • Leak repair

Emergency Plumbing Services

Our 24/7 emergency plumbing services effectively get the pipes working and the domestic water supply running after freezing or bursting. Our plumbers swiftly respond to any emergency, including frozen and burst pipes that cause leaks and flooding. No matter when it happens, we are reliable as you can count on our team to provide fast plumbing service wherever you are. A frozen pipe is a big deal; therefore, if you discover on a cold morning that there is no water supply after turning on your faucet, a frozen pipe could have taken place in your plumbing system. This requires an emergency plumbing service. Fast response from a 24-hour plumber would give you the chance to thaw the pipe before there is costly water damage.

Frozen Pipes Prevention

Severe cold combined with cold wind creates a significant risk of freezing or rupture of pipes. The freezing water turns into ice inside the pipe, which, in turn, can expand and block the line. This blockage can create excessive pressure in the entire system and lead to the failure of the pipe in vulnerable places – regardless of whether the pipe is made of plastic, copper, or steel. Even a tiny crack can release more than 250 gallons of water in one day. The results of freezing of water pipes can lead to material damage and high repair costs.

Call PlumberBarriePro to minimize the risk of freezing pipes, as well as prevent damage and costly repairs. 

Winterize Frozen Pipes

Winterizing frozen pipes is a process of preparing household pipes for freezing temperatures that can cause leaks from the freezing and breaking of plumbing pipes.

Winterizing pipes is highly recommended when a house will be vacant for an extended period, and no water will be running through the pipes. This winterizing process often involves draining all water from the pipes, emptying the water heater, and filling all fixtures with an antifreeze solution.

Our professional plumber team knows how to winterize frozen pipes. Firstly, we will blow excess water out of the pipes using air compressors. We will flush clogged toilets to ensure the removal of as much water as possible from the tanks and the toilet bowls. One of our skilled plumbers will add antifreeze to prevent any water from freezing and cracking the toilet if all the water can not be removed. We will properly check all tub and sink drains that could have drain traps. Add antifreeze to prevent each of these drains and pipes from freezing. Lastly, we will ensure the shut-off valve is well-tilted and turn off the water heater and water pump. This will protect heating elements in the water heater when there is no water inside the tank.

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